Stronghold Digital Mining Raises Over $100M For Recycling Waste Coal Into Cryptocurrency

More than $100 million has been gathered by Stronghold Digital Mining in two private sections to support the feasible model for mining Bitcoin (BTC). The Pennsylvania-based firm has declared that the funds having worth over $105M have been raised by the two private equity securities.

An announcement has reported that Scrubgrass Generation Plant, situated in Venango County, is responsible for converting the waste coal into power which is equal to the outcome of a hydropower plant utilized by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for mining producing energy at a large scale. The coal produced in 19th and 20th-century mining operations has been recycled by Stronghold. The rehabilitation of large areas of land, devastated as a consequence of the drainage of waste coal acid (AMD), is allowed by the power generation procedure of Stronghold.

AMD refers to a process by which the sulfur, along with snow/rain, is mixed in coal waste enabling the mixture to move through the water systems, which threatens aquatic life. After separating the coal, it has been determined by Stronghold to offer recycled land to the local communities.

The estimates by the company showed that 200 tons of waste coal are abolished for mining one Bitcoin (BTC). Further, the co-chairman of the firm Bill Spence stated that wreaking havoc had been spread over Pennsylvania for the previous hundred years. Moreover, he revealed that the 21st-century techniques would be implemented by the company for the remediation of the effects credited to the coal mining done in the 19th and 20th centuries in the regions of the United States which were most neglected regarding the environment.

1,000acres of Pennsylvania land, which is described as un-usable, has already been reclaimed by Stronghold in association with the other partners. Furthermore, other than eliminating 98% of the SO2, NOx, and mercury emissions, the fly ash would also be produced, which can be utilized as a fertilizer. By 2020, the company expects to enable over 28,000 crypto miners for operating their mining activities. It has been rumoured in the discussions that the firm intends to acquire facilities consuming above 200 megawatts capacity of electricity generation.

Recently this month, Musk pointed out that the support for the mining sector of BTC would be resumed by Tesla if at least 50 percent of the mining is done by clean energy.