Tesla CEO Elon Musk Wants Twitter to Accept Payments in Dogecoin

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently posted a series of tweets addressing the issues related to the Twitter platform. It is worth mentioning that his account has the 8th largest following on the social media platform. Musk compared Twitter to a public town square. He also posed a question to his Twitter followers about the censorship laws.

As per his tweets, the censorship patterns on Twitter are designed to hinder freedom of speech. He also conducted a poll on Twitter. The poll called on the Twitter users to vote wisely and asked them to think carefully before voting. At present, around 70% of votes are cast for not going ahead with his plans. One of the possible outcomes of the poll could be Musk purchasing Twitter.

Elon Musk has Become a Controversial Figure on Twitter

Musk has become a controversial figure on Twitter owing to his unique take on different matters. He recently posted a new tweet asking if a new platform was necessary. He has been commenting on the necessity of freedom of speech for a while, which could warrant uncensored commentary on the cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin.

It is worth noting that many financial experts are still not sure about the risks connected with cryptocurrency trading. On the other hand, many Central Banking organizations have dubbed digital assets as a threat to the economic stability of the economy by way of depreciating the local fiat currency. Recently, Musk also participated in the Russia/Ukraine war conflict and sent a bunch of Starlink devices to the country after news about the Kremlin trying to cut off the internet access of Kiev.

Steven Steele is a Twitter account that tweeted at Musk about the possibility of a Dogecoin tipping jar if he proceeds to buy Twitter or creates a new platform. The tweet has managed to get 33k responses from the netizens thus far and also got a positive answer from Musk himself. For some time now, Twitter has been trying to integrate blockchain.

A few weeks ago, Bitcoin and Ethereum tipping options were made possible. Twitter users can also choose to upload an NFT as their profile picture. Among other crypto buffs, Matt Wallace, who is known for his unbending support for the Dogecoin movement, recently claimed that freedom of speech has become more instrumental in the current economic situation than ever.