The Lost Secret of Property Investment in Mumbai

The Real Estate market of Mumbai is something everyone would like to invest in; No matter what your age or income group is. Having a flat of your own in a metropolitan city like Mumbai is an accomplishment in itself. Everybody is attracted to Real Estate of Mumbai. While buying a flat in Mumbai buyers have different mind-sets, mentality, opinions, priorities and most importantly budget which play a role of a significant obstacle between buying your dream home and reality in such skyrocketing Real Estate prices. Mumbai was a land of various islands joined together by dumping adequate sand and rocks into the sea to expand Mumbai’s Real Estate – With hardly any land left in the city, new areas of are being explored where new buildings can be built. Development of untouched areas ahead of Borivili in the Mumbai Suburban since the past 5 to 6 years is drastic and noticeable. In such developing areas prices are relatively very low and value-for-money. People who stay in such areas require homes that are cheap and affordable.

property in mumbaiMumbai is developing ever since its evolution. From Bombay to Mumbai – The journey has been rapid but, hard. The city has well established in terms of infrastructure and stands tall as India’s commercial capital. Being every investor’s dreamland to invest in, Mumbai provides each-and-every investor of its land something special which no other city across the country could possibly offer. With a city to develop new projects and re-development of old heritage sites and buildings is essential. In the past 10 years, there have numerous projects that has been developed across the city. Not only re-developing old building in order to increase the standards to the people. New projects in Mumbai are being planned in order to attract more investors and make this city bigger than ever – The bigger the better. Weather be it roads, highways, new rail-routes, increased public transport, new infrastructure which brings more investors and create better job opportunities, and most recently the metro and Sea Link helps the city grow not only commercially, politically but also, on the world-map. New projects in Mumbai are not much because, of the scarcity of land, and so old building are re-developed and scarpered up-and-up because there’re no real gaps to exploit in the city.

New projects in Mumbai include: Metro and the mono-rail. Even before Mumbai’s new monorail opens to commuters on Sunday, experts have reiterated that it is unlikely to significantly relieve the transport problems of the megacity of 12 million people. The monorail carriages can’t carry large numbers of passengers, the stations are difficult to get to, and the project is too expensive to pay for itself, they say. In fact, the line would seem to be unnecessary because it travels through vast swathes of swamp land. That, it would seem, is precisely the aim of the project. What the monorail does effectively is open up the empty eastern section of the congested metropolis to real-estate developers. In a seemingly unrelated move, the official in charge of this part of Mumbai passed an order at the beginning of January that could pave the way for homes and offices to be constructed on the 3,000 acres of tidal salt pans here. This is a contentious measure. Though the value of the salt produced here is negligible, environmentalists point out that these tracts are vital for allowing rainwater to drain. With low passenger capacity, poor connectivity at stations and an overall lack of cost efficiency, the monorail seems to have been a futile exercise.

With such new projects across the city, it’s developing and is keeping its standard high as ever on the world-map and for a “city that never sleeps” developing every moment though, every night its citizens sleep is very crutial.