Two Growing Stocks To Buy In Upcoming Week

Investor sentiment is being influenced by concerns regarding the increase in interest rates, high bond yields, a resurgence of inflation, and a vulnerable economy.

The markets are worried that the Federal Reserve might increase interest rates more aggressively than expected.

Despite the fact that macroeconomic data has been immensely challenging for the stock markets across the globe, Airbnb and Uber have been able to withstand the current instability.

In the past few days, market players have increased their predictions that the Federal Reserve will increase the interest rates.

Previously it was expected that Feds might increase the interest rate by 25%.

But as the things stand now, the Fed’s interest rate monitoring tool shows the possibility of a 30% hike in the interest rate during the Fed’s upcoming meeting in March.

In March interest rate can see an increase by 50bps. The coming weeks and months are predicted to experience more market turbulence and instability.

Market Experts Are Hopeful about Airbnb and Uber Stocks

Investor sentiment is being influenced by concerns regarding the increase in interest rates, high bond yields, a resurgence of inflation, and

Market experts have recommended investments in Airbnb and Uber Technologies. They believe that these two shares will provide investors with sustainable growth.

Airbnb and Uber both companies have shown strong financial indicators and it is expected that they will perform exceptionally well in the future.

Airbnb Performance

Since the start of this year till now, the price of Airbnb stock is up by 43%. Currently, the stock’s market cap is estimated at around $77.2 Billion.

As of today, the company’s share is priced at $124.88, its price today increased by 2.04%.

Airbnb, which was established in 2007, provides an internet-based marketplace platform for renting out properties.

Experts do believe that Airbnb is a serious threat to the worldwide hotel industry.

Despite the fact that Airbnb’s stock is at its all-time so far 2023, its current price is still down by 20% as compared to the company’s stock price back in 2020.

ABNB is a highly favorable growth stock to purchase, the company’s stock has retained its price so far in 2023.

It is also expected that the stock price of Airbnb will remain stable for the rest of 2023.

Hence, investors think that this is the best option for long-term investment. The company’s fourth-quarter revenue for FY 2022 has been valued at $13.5 billion.

2023 has seen a rapid increase in global and local tourism which has increased the company’s revenues dramatically.

As long as the traveling industry will experience a boom the share Airbnb will keep performing exceptionally well. The company has also told that it is currently experiencing strong demand for its services.

Uber Stock Performance in 2023

As far as the price of Uber stock is concerned since the start of 2023 till not its stock price has increased by 26.2%. As of this writing, the company’s market capitalization is estimated at $67.7 billion.

Uber which provides transportation, food delivery, and package delivery services has seen a rapid rise in its revenue. So, its stock has seen a gain of 36% after it touched the $33.70 mark.

However, its current price is still low by 47% as compared to its all-time high price back in February 2021.

Despite the recent increase in its stock value, the current moment might be an opportune time to invest in UBER.

The company has demonstrated its ability to prosper in difficult conditions. Investors are certain that after Airbnb, Uber is the second-best stock to invest in for long-term gains.

As compared to many big companies the stock of Uber has remained among the best performers.

The company’s earnings per share have also increased by $0.29. For the fourth quarter of 2022, the company’s gross profits are estimated to be $30.7 billion.

The top leadership of Uber has hinted at strong financial performance for the years to come. So, all those investors who want to make risk-free stock transactions should invest in Uber’s stock and secure gainful deals.