US Legislator Slams Crypto Crackdown in Canada

The legal restrictions implemented by the Canadian government on the Freedom Convoy 2022 have turned a new leaf. The socio-political movement has become a catalyst for USA legislators to patch the rough ends before any big emergency event. The Freedom Convoy is an association of Canadian truckers who blocked the main logistics routes of the country to protest against the strict COVID-19 restrictions.

As a result, the Canadian government imposed a state of emergency in the region. However, the reaction of the Canadian PM was taken as an attack on the civil liberties of the masses. Republican Senator Ted Cruz claimed that he considered the move as an authoritarian tactic by the Canadian government and also praised cryptocurrencies for guarding the rights of the people.

Republican Lawmaker Presents New Bill to Counter Crypto Crackdowns

A new report published by Politico reveals a new bill presented by a Republican House member. The bill is concerned with intercepting the interference of government agencies to control or dictate the cryptocurrency investors in the region. The bill states that digital assets are a right and civil liberty apparatus for the citizens of the country.

The bill also focuses on ensuring that any centralized government entities are unable to gain access or control the decentralized businesses. Ted Cruz recently told the media that governments are showing an infantile reaction towards the increasing Bitcoin influence. He further claimed that the leftist agenda is to make sure that everyone complies with their rules unconditionally otherwise suffer from their restrictions and sanctions.

Under the state of emergency, the government of Canada restricted 34 cryptocurrency wallet services providers from operating. Millions of dollars donated to the GoFundMe platform were also frozen. On the other hand, Tallycoin an alternative crowdsourcing network raised about $1million to pay for the everyday necessities of the truckers and protestors participating in the program.

On the other hand, RCMP and FINTRAC worked actively to identify and freeze any bank accounts or cryptocurrency wallets with association with FreedomConvoy. However, the Bitcoin donations managed to get back into circulation despite the restriction by the government. The incident showed the world that it was a huge challenge to control decentralized networks like Bitcoin and blockchain.