Valour’s BNB ETP Now Trading On Largest Exchange In Germany 

Valour, a tech firm, has announced that its BNB (Binance Coin) ETP (Exchange-traded products) is now available on Börse Frankfurt, the largest exchange platform in Germany. The ETP has already started trading on the exchange today, August 24th.

Meanwhile, Valour is the first publicly traded firm to bridge the gap between conventional capital markets, DeFi, and Web3. The latest ETP is an opportunity for investors to access crypto products. 

Valour Says BNB ETP Will Help Investors Avoid High-Risk Exposure 

On August 24th, Valour stated that its latest ETP would track BNB’s trading price. Also, it would require nominal fees from investors.

Meanwhile, the company is not new to ETPs as this is its tenth ETP. It would help investors to escape high-risk exposure while enjoying operational efficiency.

The Valour BNB ETP primarily helps to fuel numerous transactions on the BNB Chain. Also, it acts as a governance token for the BNB network.

The BNB Chain is an open-source, multi-chain, decentralized platform used to build parallel digital ecosystem infrastructure. The permissionless smart contract network is scaling and reshaping the development of MetaFi. 

MetaFi combines decentralized finance infrastructure with SocialFi, GameFi, Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse. BNB is among the first five digital currencies in the crypto industry, with a market cap of over $48.052 million.

Furthermore, Russell Starr, Valour’s CEO, commented on the current product. Starr said the Binance Coin is a dynamic crypto asset and one of the largest in the crypto sector.

Valour Hopes To Attract Investors With Low Fee Model

“By listing BNB as an ETP on Börse Frankfurt, it would allow investors to securely gain exposure to crypto via a reputable exchange. I believe the company’s low fee strategy would attract investors to our BNB ETP. This is true especially for investors that want to diversify their portfolio,” Starr added.

Apart from BNB, the company manages several other ETPs. They include ETPs of Cosmos (ATOM), Solana (SOL), Enjin (ENJ), Polkadot (DOT), Cardano (ADA), Avalanche (AVAX), and UniSwap (UNI), 

Additionally, the company has the ETH Zero and BTC Zero investment products that are backed by ETH and BTC. Generally, the rollout of crypto ETPs is seen as an opportunity to increase the adoption of cryptocurrency. 

This is because ETPs remove the technical part of investing and then holding cryptocurrencies. Moreover, several German exchanges host crypto asset ETPs issued by various companies to increase global crypto adoption. 

For example, on May 12th, the physical BTC ETP of Iconic Funds was launched on Börse Xetra for trading.