Vasil Hard Fork Makes Cardano Developers Insecure

A developer on the Cardano network took to Twitter on the 18th of August to make a thread about a problem with Cardano’s node. The developer, Adam Dean, said the Cardano version 1.35.2 problem is causing some issues for the testnet.

A Developer’s Alarm

He started the thread by saying it is important to note that Cardano’s testnet has a catastrophic breakdown because of a bug present in Cardano’s Node version 1.35.2. Dean said it is the same version that the community of developers was told has been tested and is now ready to be deployed on the Vasil hard fork. The said bug was, however, just discovered.

Dean said the bug was seen in a node that was initially said to have passed the test and is ready for deployment. The bug is said to have created forks that are not compatible and then reduced the density of the chain.

The bug was discovered through an on-chain investigative effort from the pool that backs Cardano’s operations. Attendant problems with two versions, 1.34.1 and 1.35.2, were then found.

Deam laid emphasis on the upgrading process of most operators to 1.35.2 in order to stimulate the Vasil hard fork. The end result was that version 1.35.3 became disconnected from the chain’s sync.

Upgrade Nevertheless

Dean said further that version 1.35.3 is undergoing testing on two fresh testnets that possess no block history at all as the testnet or any other simulated version blocks. The testnet, on the other hand, has been through every one of Cardano’s hard forks.

He stated further that the rush around the Vasil hard fork is making him quite uncomfortable. Deam implores Charles Hoskinson and the Input-Output team to carry out the right disaster-recovering mechanism that was shown when the testnet got launched.

Hoskinson offered a response to the community’s anxiety about the bug in version 1.35.2. He said the rumors around the upgrade from staking operators are odd ones. He explained that the code responsible for the testnet’s crash has been addressed.

He said further that the community might decide to delay the Vasil hard fork for a while longer. But he wonders if the time would be worth it for developers on the decentralized application.

Some members of the Cardano community did not follow Hoskinson’s statement. He, nevertheless, asked them to go ahead with the upgrade to version 1.35.3.

The Cardano upgrade to the Vasil fork has suffered two delays. Hoskinson said tests have uncovered three different bugs along with the development of three fresh versions.