What is CFD Trading? What are Its Pros and Cons?

CFD or “Contract for difference” is basically a financial derivative product that is traded to gain maximum profits by the increase and decrease of stock markets and stock prices.

This is actually a contract made between a buyer and a seller which results in profits for both the parties.

CFD trading is going very much popular among the day traders and short term investors. Although it is allowed in most of countries, it is not allowed in the US.

According to this agreement, the buyer will be eligible to get the amount from the seller which is actually the difference of the value of an asset or stock at the current time and at the time of trading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CFD Trading

The popularity of CFD trading is due to the fact that it offers various advantages over other forms of trading. The leverage ratio is also one of the most important reasons for CFD trading getting popular.

This simply means that you can deposit small amounts to trade and make bigger online profits through this. This leverage may sometimes range from 10:1 to 20:1 which may not be possible in any other trading platform.

Another great benefit of this type of trading is that you can use CFDs to get an advantage from both the rising and falling of the markets.

Most of the time trading in CFDs becomes profitable due to the wide range of options available for you to trade. You can invest in commodities, currencies, assets, and many more.

Most of the CFD providers provide an option for using guaranteed stop-loss orders. They also allow a trader to trade 24 hours a day with which they can earn maximum profits any time they want.

No matter if you want to trade in the evening time, you can trade even after the market closes.

Besides lots of advantages, there are certain disadvantages of CFD trading which one should take care of. At times leverage may prove to be a loss for you when you invest small amounts and lose bigger amounts due to heavy leveraging.

It has been seen that CFDs are not much profitable when you want to invest bigger amounts or for a longer period of time.

As such, no investment option is perfect in all aspects. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So choose wisely and trade wisely to avoid big losses.

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