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Wobit Exchange Review

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If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, then you need to sign up with a cryptocurrency exchange like Wobit. Cryptocurrency exchanges are a great source through which you can get access to the trading of digital assets. That’s the primary reason behind bringing the Wobit review to you to let you know that there are various good digital currency exchanges serving traders with their services in the crypto industry.

The world that we see and live in today has not always been like this; a lot of things have changed drastically so far because a sort of revolution took place. When the 21st century started, it brought about a massive change, as technology developed so quickly after that. This change separated the past from the present because the 21st century is known for the digitalization of nearly everything. People have incorporated technology within each field, and it has helped nearly everyone. This change has created convenience and accessibility for people; paying online has become easy, using robots or machines has also become a norm, so these are just a few examples of the benefits that come with technological advancement.

In 2009, a wave of new currency had started, cryptocurrency was introduced, and bitcoin was the first of this type. This had not been welcomed nor accepted properly because the majority of people were distrustful. The nature of bitcoin is also commonly described as unstable as the worth it fluctuates. It constantly experiences highs and lows in the market. However, a lot of things have progressed and changed since then, and now cryptocurrency is expected to be the next big thing. Cryptocurrency is also expected to be the method by which people will manage businesses and investments. It also makes things relatively easier online, and one by one, more digital coins are being introduced in the cryptocurrency market.

Though Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, only a limited amount of it was introduced and produced. Twenty-one million Bitcoins have been introduced, and this is the final amount that has led to the value to increase. It is also the most preferred one out of all the cryptocurrencies; therefore, the hype behind it has increased gradually. In order to purchase cryptocurrencies, you have to use cryptocurrency exchanges, which were made so that it would create ease for people to trade. Those who are interested in buying or selling can use such exchanges and connect with those interested. Most commonly, this procedure is thought to be tiring and exhaustive; therefore, a lot of investors do not want to become dragged into a long application process.

The main purpose of creating an exchange system is so that those who want to trade can do so easily, without any delays or unnecessary processes. Investors also care about the reliability of these sources; an exchange system has to be trustworthy so that frauds can be avoided. However, those that have just begun and are not that aware should get briefed before they start dealing with exchanges. Investors also want whatever exchange they work with to have the means to provide them with easy access to people interested in buying cryptocurrencies.

It is not easy to find all these features in exchange. However, Wobit is an exchange that has always been distinct and the perfect option for investors that require a simple process, no scam and easy access to potential buyers.

Wobit – A Brief Introduction

You might have heard of many cryptocurrency exchanges, but Wobit is one of the most reputed and innovative amongst all because of its extremely efficient and benefitting approach towards customers. Wobit is providing its customers with endless opportunities to trade cryptocurrencies at competitive exchange rates of the market.

The services which Wobit provides are simply remarkable; they take it a step further to ensure customer’s satisfaction by being a reliable exchange; it does this by providing facilities like a solid platform to trade your cryptocurrency, providing wallet to store your online assets with an extremely high level of added security and OTC trading are some of the notable factors to choose Wobit as one of your trading partners to step in the world of cryptocurrency.

Wobit website

How does Wobit help you with your assets?

The interface is kept very simple to welcome experienced as well as newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency; this exchange provides you with a simple and easy to use the platform to buy and sell cryptocurrency with nothing but just ease; the journey of Wobit is an experience that will not make a newcomer think twice before trusting it and the well trained and experienced people of this field as well.

Wobit not only allows you to just buy bitcoin but it takes it a step further and gives this choice to the customers to switch between different digital assets other than bitcoin too so that if you change your mind or the market trends of cryptocurrency changes, you don’t have to worry about it.  You can trade various other digital assets at the trading platform of this exchange including Dash (DASH), NEO, NEM, IOTA, Ox, and several others. Wobit not only allows customers to exchange between digital assets but in order to simplify the procedure and save your precious time, it skips the learning part from the journey and to cover up for that, it provides a very simple and friendly interface to make your experience a lot easier and efficient. The competitive prices attract customers to choose Wobit as their only exchange for cryptocurrency.

The facility of OTC trading

For those customers who are not willing to physically buy cryptocurrencies because of many reasons, Wobit has taken that into consideration and provided the facility of OTC (Over The Counter) trading, which allows customers to take advantage of the changing prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum through Wobit by not physically buying it but just making some money from it.

Unlike physically buying cryptocurrency OTC helps its customers to buy a hefty amount of assets without making a fluctuation in the market prices; hence it is a more reliable method to trade in crypto.

What does Wobit provide exclusively?

Unlike other exchanges out there in the market, which don’t provide high liquidity and restrict customers from buying a larger amount of the currency, Wobit, on the other hand, is providing high liquidity for its customers who are willing to invest a large amount of money in cryptocurrency within no time. So in the competition where other exchanges bound their customers in a time frame to actually buy cryptocurrency, Wobit makes it easier and more reliable for its customers to buy it right at the moment so that you don’t miss out on any chances of making money due to wastage of time because in the world of online trading timing needs to be perfect.

The registration process of Wobit

With all the complications and difficulties faced by people while registering themselves with any exchange, it drives customers away from entering into this world, but Wobit has taken essential measures to allow customers to register with a very easy process. Unlike other exchanges, which storm your brains with different requirements and makes it difficult and intimidating for its customers to register themselves, Wobit has taken that into consideration and provided its customers with a very convenient and friendly process to register with it and diving into the world of crypto.

Steps to register through Wobit

If you have decided to register yourself with one of the best exchanges currently operating in the market, then Wobit doesn’t disappoint you. It only takes a step to visit their website to get started. When you open their website, there will be an option of getting started with two options either to register yourself with a valid email address or phone number; these are the things everyone possesses and are essential to start your journey. After that, Wobit just requires a very simple form to be filled by the customer where it will ask for some very basic details like first name, last name, country, etc.

After you have provided the basic details, Wobit will send a confirmation email to your provided email address, and then all you have to do is just generate a password for your account. Once you have completed all of these procedures, you will be asked to choose a currency; Wobit gives you options of four currencies to choose from, which are USD, Euro, South African Rand and GBP, and that’s all it takes to register yourself with Wobit’s extremely convenient registration process.

Getting started with trading

After you have registered yourself with Wobit and you are in the market looking at different currencies going up and down, and you wish to invest some money in it and get a lot more back, so there are some of the essential documents required to be submitted before you start buying or selling, these documents are essential to be submitted and verified by the exchange, but it doesn’t take long to get your documents verified, Wobit takes your precious time into consideration and verify your documents within the time frame of 24 hours after submission which is extremely fast as compared to other exchanges which will make you wait a couple of days. But if you don’t want to wait 24 hours to get your documents verified and are willing to start trading, then Wobit approves your account within a couple of hours so that you don’t have to wait any longer in order to start trading.

Security policies of Wobit

Wobit is a very renowned exchange that pays special attention to the security of its customers, and here is a peek into the security policies of Wobit.

Encryption technology

In cryptocurrency, a person can experience many fraudulent activities, but Wobit has taken that into consideration and provides its customers with the best of security protocols and measures to assure their satisfaction. The security policies start from highly encrypted technology to prevent intruders or hackers from getting access to your confidential details and give you that ultimate peace of mind while dealing with Wobit.

Wobit technology

International standard policies

As we have discussed before that Wobit is a very renowned and registered exchange, so it is bound to meet standard security protocols applicable to crypto exchanges; these include the policies like KYC (Know Your Customer) policy and AML (Anti Money Laundering) policy, the whole point of setting these measures is to prevent any type of illegal activity on the platform and provide its legitimate customers with ultimate peace of mind while dealing with Wobit.

These verifications are done during the registration process, which includes the identity of the customer, which is verified through a valid national ID along with a selfie to ensure your identification, proof of residency is verified by providing a utility bill which could be of phone, electricity, gas or water not older than three months to prove your residence. Another requirement to prove your payment is credit or debit card details which you have to provide while registering yourself with Wobit.

Once you have submitted your desired documents, Wobit will verify those and send you a confirmation email, and you are good to go then; another added security measure is that Wobit is providing 2FA (two-factor authentication) to prevent hackers from accessing your account and give your mind a state of peace. Your information is kept very confidential and is deleted after the purpose is fulfilled.

Transaction Process of Wobit

Wobit has made this process extremely easy and straightforward. To make any deposits that do not take a lot of time, all they require is for you to fill a form. They also require a verified account which basically means that your account needs to be confirmed that it is a fisher and that it is real.

Deposits can happen instantly; however, if there is an issue and you want a refund, then that can take some time, and there are some policies that help to maintain the rule set for refunds.

Wobit also has a rule that in order to exchange the currency such as the cryptocurrency, you have to have some investment within your account that is shared with wobit in order to trade. You just need to have some investment within your account so that you can trade currencies with other people. Another good thing about VIT is that it always provides its customers or clients with several options on hangout pay, whether it is one day or sending in an amount or for Extract in an amount. The most common method used for payments, whether it is for deposits or whether it is for withdrawals, is either through a VISA card or bank transfer.

Cryptocurrency wallet offered by Wobit

Just like in everyday life, you need a purse to keep your cards and cash in it and carry it along with you anywhere; cryptocurrency requires a virtual wallet to store your cash in it; Wobit is providing its customers with a virtual wallet in order to keep their cryptocurrencies. Just like everyday life, you have to save your wallet from getting stolen; these wallets can be hacked, and hackers can access your wallets and steal your currencies, so you need to find a reliable and secure wallet; Wobit is taking that into consideration as well and allowing customers to have a virtual wallet.

Security measures of virtual wallet

The wallet which is provided by Wobit is surprisingly free for its customers, which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a reliable online wallet to keep your crypto in it; rather, you can just keep your bitcoins and litecoins in one of the Wobit’s wallets with added security protocols and ability to access it from wherever you want.

The wallet is using cold storage option to keep your assets secure. It is mentioned that about 97% of your assets are kept in cold storage and rest on the online servers so that a major part of your money is safe; other than that, Wobit don’t take any type of risks and put their customer’s money in danger, they do that by providing insurance up to $100 million, and your wallet address is changed every time you perform a transaction so that it becomes almost impossible for hackers to keep a track on it.

Customer support of Wobit

Although we have already discussed a lot of benefits and good factors of Wobit and what it provides, there is still one more thing which is extremely important when you have customers, which is whether you provide them with their support or not. Providing customer support means that you are available 24/7, which means that you cater to the problems and issues such as those that occur when you have a customer that is very new at trading. Providing them ease in their career and catering to their difficulties shows that you are interested in the well being of your customers.

Providing an online section on which your customers or potential customers can ask questions is also a great way to show your support. This helps erase any confusion.

Final Remarks 

Wobit is the one-stop that provides you with the chance to carry out your exchanges whilst still maintaining a good client-customer relationship. It has turned out to be one of those major cryptocurrency exchanges present in the industry of digital currencies which offer relief to their customers and give them many opportunities to flourish in their careers greatly. This exchange is growing further with more and more developmental projects being introduced in its ecosystem, and all of them centre around accommodating traders and investors.