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9.0/10 Review is a newly introduced brokerage platform in the online trading market. Despite being new to the market, it has overtaken big names in terms of the number of registered clients because people are flocking to it after seeing its remarkable features. homepage

By looking at its features, I also got mesmerized, which is why I decided to write this review to share its features with you as well. In a short time, online trading has proved itself as a rapidly growing and profitable choice for traders. With the shift of trading from physical to digital, along with its technological advancements, it was obvious that everything would be changed very soon.

As expected, trading has now transformed into a completely online system. But despite this change, the importance of a broker didn’t decline. It would not be wrong if I said that the importance of brokers increased with the shift to digitalization.

To start a trading career, traders have to use the financial markets and their instruments so that they can invest their funds in their assets. But for this purpose, traders have to search for a broker first because it acts as a bridge between the traders and the market in which they want to trade.

The brokers use their experience to help traders and ensure that whatever market they join proves profitable for them. The brokers guarantee increased profits rather than losing investment. Due to this reason, when you reach this stage to select a broker, make a well-calculated and educated decision. Before finalizing a broker, do some research on its past and check if it is dependable and trustworthy.

If the broker provides all the required features along with safety features, then you can consider them. Other than selecting the broker, there is another important decision as well for a trader to make. The trader must invest his money in the right place because it can make a huge difference.

If a broker unluckily chooses the wrong market or trading asset, then it is likely that he may lose his investment or at least a part of it. A good broker can help you with decisions, but for this purpose, you have to select a reliable broker first. Entrusting a broker is also a very bold decision because if the broker proves a sham, then this can also hurt you financially.

But if you make a wise decision and find a broker who is authentic and trustable, then your funds will remain safe and keep swelling. So, if you want to remain comfortable and mentally at ease, then you should use all your focus on finding a genuine brokerage platform.

But you should keep in mind not to adopt one-dimensional thinking while choosing a broker. You need to analyze the broker from every point of view. Not just safe and reliable, but the broker should have other features such as robust customer support, variety in trading instruments, advanced trading platform, and many more. I researched in-depth and found that it is a well-managed platform that provides every feature a trader may need. knows what the needs of traders are and tries its best to provide all the required facilities. I am writing this review after analyzing its features in detail to provide you with an unbiased opinion. Read the following features of this broker before deciding on your broker.

Trading Instruments

If you are one of those traders who want to explore new options and enhance your experience, then is the most appropriate option for you. You can trade many trading instruments on this platform, such as stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and forex.

The good thing about this platform is that you will not have to go to any other broker for a specific trading instrument because you will be provided with every option here. And if you are a new trader yet and feeling confused with so many options in front, then you can seek guidance from the experienced team of

From traders’ point of view, it is a really big advantage because very few brokers provide so many options. With other brokers, it is rare to get the freedom to choose paths according to your own will. On the contrary, by selecting this broker, you will get to explore multiple trading assets on one platform. has simplified the whole process of trading by offering so many trading assets in one place.

At the time of registration, brokers show many opportunities to the traders and promise that every trading asset will be available for them, but in reality, they receive nothing. These types of brokers talk big only to manipulate and deceive the customers. Later on, the reality uncovers when traders find out that it was all a deception and a technique to get their money.

In this way, not just the money but precious time of traders is also wasted. Both the money and time are equally valuable from traders’ view. You would want to refrain from such types of brokers. To do so, you need to do proper research and analysis. Select a broker who knows about every need of traders and sincerely provides options to enhance their experience.

A broker should understand that the broker must do everything which a trader cannot do by himself and relies on the broker. He must connect the traders to the online trading market. A broker must ensure that it continuously provides new options for assets and trading instruments to the traders so that they become able to earn profits.

On, you will be provided many trading instruments and above 500 trading assets. A trader is given the freedom to choose whichever he likes the most without pressure from the broker. You can invest in many assets at a time as long as your funds don’t empty. The broker also helps its clients to know which trading assets are more lucrative and likely to go up so that they can invest accordingly. assets

Trustable Security System

Security is a compulsory feature for every trader. The importance of this point cannot be denied because if a platform is not secure, then the broker will also face the consequences. After all, no one will agree to invest his money in it. Without proper security policies and encryption, no broker can guarantee that traders’ funds will be kept safe.

So the security is equally important for both the traders and brokers. This is why brokers compete to introduce more security features than others and try to ensure that every need of traders is considered. Some brokers in this market are only there to get the money of traders. When they successfully do so, they silently go away, leaving the trader helpless.

Their promises and features prove nothing but a bunch of lies. Beginners are usually easy to deceive, which is why these brokers target newcomers. The reason behind it is that for new traders, it is hard to differentiate between a legit and a fake broker because all of them look the same.

Not just the new entrants but the experienced traders are also facing difficulty in differentiating between them. It has produced chaos and distrust in the market, and good brokers are also seen with the same telescope. The effect is so severe that genuine brokers also get judged and interrogated.

Now the brokers know that traders’ first requirement is foolproof security. Traders not only worry about their money, but they also worry about their personal information. Some traders even consider personal information more important than money.

This is why they want both these assets to be placed in a secure and sealed place. Unlike other brokers, never takes security for granted. It has been using some security policies to ensure traders’ security. With these policies, the platform remains secure, and as a result, funds and information of traders also remain safe.

The policies about which I am talking are called KYC and AML policies. Both these policies serve a different purpose. KYC, which is short for Know Your Customer, is a set of requirements that a trader has to fulfill to prove his identity. On the other hand, AML is short for Anti Money Laundering. This policy is used to keep an eye on the transactions so that the money never reaches the wrong hands.

These policies ward off every threat posed to the trader. The second thing has done to secure the platform is the use of 256 bit SSL encryption. SSL is the short form of Secure Socket Layer. This is a new but advanced encryption technology being used by all the famous companies.

This is used to secure the information of traders. It prevents the entry of unauthorized persons. With this encryption, the information at can only be accessed by authorized persons and the trader itself. Encryption is a process in which the information is transformed into binary codes.

The advantage of using this encryption is that the information, once encrypted, cannot be decoded by any other person, so basically, it becomes useless for traders even if they access it somehow. SSL encryption is a very satisfying security measure for traders.

The team of never procrastinates, and it encrypts every information as soon as it is received. Therefore your information, such as your ID card and credit card number, will be secure. It also means that your money will also be protected. These security measures allow traders to trade on this platform without any kind of hesitation.

Traders can continue trading without any worry because their information cannot be accessed by anyone. has installed a firewall system as well as a third protection layer. It ensures that no hacker can breakthrough. The firewall system being used is designed using the latest technology available nowadays.

By keeping security at the top and ensuring that reliable and best security systems are used, the broker has proven that it is a safe place for every trader to invest money. The passion of this broker has helped him in designing a comfortable and secure place for every trader. As a result it traders never hesitate to invest huge money. Like other traders, you should also look for this type of broker where you can remain at ease.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods provides its traders with various methods to deposit and withdraw money from their trading accounts. Like the other features mentioned above, this point also distinguishes this broker from the rest. Some brokerage platforms don’t know what the importance of making these steps easier for traders is. The difficulty of these procedures ruins the whole trading experience of traders.

Brokers need to acknowledge that one method of the transaction cannot suit every trader. All traders cannot use the same payment method because this is not suitable in the presence of so many options. Some people like wire transfers over credit card payments, while others want to use modern methods such as digital currencies.

This aspect should also be considered before finalizing a broker. After signing up with any broker, the first step a trader has to pass is to deposit money in his account. This is why this step should be simple. Otherwise, the traders may get disheartened because of unnecessary delays. is not like other ordinary brokers, which is why it provides various payment options. It offers three payment methods which are credit cards, wire transfer, and wallet-to-wallet transfer. You can select any one of these features which seems comfortable and easy to you.

It is also possible to use a different method each time you deposit money into your account. But if you are unable to decide which option is best for you, then the broker will help you in doing so. It will tell you the advantages of these methods and any other conditions, if any. Last but not least, monitors every transaction and allows traders to track them as well so that they never lose sight of their money.

Customer Support Service

In a trading career, there comes a time when traders need help. This situation is faced by experienced traders as well. Sometimes traders struggle to understand the information provided by brokers and need help to do so. Even if the platform is simple, new traders still have the chance of getting confused.

But this is not a point to worry about, and brokers should create a team of professionals to help such customers. Some brokers decide on their own that traders will understand everything from the FAQ section, and there is no need for any other help. This is a wrong behavior from the brokers’ end. has not just relied upon the FAQ section and created a team of professional representatives who work day and night to help its traders. The team is very professional in its work and knows how to help the traders. They are so well trained that they can help traders with every kind of issue.

The traders can contact these customer support representatives by using two different methods. The first method for contact is the email option. You can write your problem and send it to the email address of the broker. The second option for contact is by filling the contact form provided on the website of the broker. The response time to both these methods is only a few minutes. contacts

Educational Material

Education is very important for human beings in every field of life. Like any other field, those who are working in the trading market cannot deny its importance. It helps traders to stay updated with the current market situation. provides so much material that even the blank people can educate themselves and start trading.

The material provided by includes videos, research reports, e-books, and market trends. It also provides detailed reports about every trading instrument. also gives its traders tips and tricks to improve their market understanding and maximize the profit percentage.

Like the trading platform itself, the educational material is also kept simple so that traders can understand easily without the need of any physical teacher. In this way, traders can learn easily and improve their trading methods.

Final Remarks

If you are searching for a solid and reliable broker, then is a good option. It has tried its best to provide services in a way the customers want. It has carefully designed its key services such as security, customer support, trading tools, and transaction methods.

The main thing is that is the only brokerage platform that has done all this just for its traders. The readers should rest assured that their funds and information will remain safe and no harm will come to them. I strongly recommend you this broker because deserves a chance. I leave the final decision to you.