Franck Muller Unveils NFT Collection Exclusive to Binance

The famous Swiss Watchmaker, Franck Muller, recently announced that it is releasing some digital wearables. The digital timepieces will be available on Binance’s NFT marketplace. The NFT collection is named Mystery by Franck Muller.

A Series for More Rewards

The series will start to get sold on the NFT marketplace on the 27th of July. It is a significant move in Franck Muller’s journey to pioneer web3 technology in the watchmaking space. The company launched the Bitcoin watch in 2019.

Mystery by Franck Muller comes as an NFT Box collection which contains several rewards. It includes physical Franck Muller watches, metaverse wearable watches, Apple watch faces, and more. It can also give its owners access to special metaverse events.

Coming in collaboration with Binance, the Franck Muller Box comes in different editions. They range from “Normal (N)” to “Rare (R)” and then “Super Rare (SR).” And finally, there is the “Super Super Rare (SSR).”

Holders of the Franck Muller Box who have 10 or more have a special offer. They will be able to redeem a whitelist position in FM’s NFT avatar in the future. It will later give the avatar holder access to Lux-Club membership.

Binance is set to hold an auction starting from the 27th of July. This is in addition to the Mystery Boxes. The winner will get one exclusive NFT art as well as a physical Franck Muller watch.

A Realistic Art Offer

The auction will feature Franck Muller’s rare art of Aoki Sloane. She is depicted as a soldier of the peace who fights off Harakuma soldiers. The warlords threaten the existence of the metaverse.

Aoki Sloane is an early Bitcoin adopter and a crypto trader. She is also an active gamer. A tourbillon was created for Aoki.

Franck Muller’s timepiece is a charming piece of art carrying so much intent. Its crystal case made out of sapphire makes way for its skeletonized move. The pillars and bridge of a tourbillion are turned into a circle of 21.2mm in diameter.

The auction and the Mystery Boxes will be available only on Binance’s NFT marketplace. All starting on the 27th of July.

Franck Muller is an elite-style Swiss watchmaker. It is famous for bold designs, incredible complications, and uniqueness. The company is now taking its daring and innovation to the crypto space.

It aims to create incredible NFTs, real-life experiences, and physical watches inspired by the metaverse.

Binance NFT marketplace, on the other hand, is an open market for artists and collectors. It has the best liquidity and volume that can be imagined. It features a range of collectibles accessible to Binance users.