How to Make Easy Internet Money by Writing for Bukisa

Bukisa is a well known and reputed site that not only allows posting of  articles but also gives you an opportunity to post audios and videos. More attractively this site helps you make easy internet money for lifetime and acts as one of the perfect source to earn passive income online.safariscreensnapz064

Bukisa is a great place where you can post any format or content which is educational and not offensive. The best part of it is that by posting your content on Bukisa you are promoting it as well as making some easy money from home.

Today everyone is trying to make some extra and easy money from home. Many of these are well established in making easy internet money by writing articles. Bukisa has made it much easier for you too. This site pays you through Bukisa index. It is just a simple pattern through which Bukisa pays its writers for per 1000 page views. If the Bukisa index is high you make good money and if it is low your earning amount will decrease.

Bukisa index is not fixed and changes every month. At present it is $3.22 per 1000 page views. It is not at all bad and through Bukisa you can earn much more as compared to other paid per view writing sites.

Bukisa is a site where you are not just paid for your content posting but you also receive 25% of the earnings of the person who sign up Bukisa under you. It is not over here but you also get 6% of a person earning who signs up under your referees and about 1.25% of the income of someone who sign up under your referee’s referees. This is really a superb way to make easy online money.

It is really not at all hard to make referees under you and make easy money from home. You may find it a bit hard in the starting but once you have some referees under you, it will really be a fun along with earning.

Easy money from home is a desire of every heart. If you are a good writer and can write good content then it will be in no way difficult for you to get more and more reads and views. Bukisa is a wonderful site and is in no way a scam. If anyone says that Bukisa is a scam then it means that he is not aware of this site. It is a site that does not allow copied articles.

However you are allowed to repost other articles on Bukisa purely written by you on other websites in order to make some extra income. Bukisa is one of the best sites which respects its writers and their content and pays them for their great work. It is best for those who know how to promote their content and referral link.

Bukisa offers these guidelines on the main page:

“All work submitted must be in English and of original quality content. Copyright violations and auto-translated articles are forbidden, and will lead to account suspension. Self-promotion and self-advertisement by an individual or a company is also forbidden. We require that the heading of the articles look professional, therefore, headings submitted in all lower case, all caps, with abbreviations, or with links, will be rejected. Lastly, please check your grammar and spelling before submitting your content, as issues with grammar and spelling will give your work, along with Bukisa, a non-professional image and reputation”.