Human Interaction and Digital Conversations

Today, computers are some of the most important devices that humans own. People use their computers for work purposes, as well as to go shopping for things like clothing, home decor, and food. Another way computers are used is keeping in touch with family and friends through the Internet.

Technology and Staying in Touch

Email is a popular method of staying in touch, whether it is for work or for personal reasons. Friends often send quick messages through email or instant messengers to catch up with one another or make plans.

Most people have mobile phones with data plans, making it easy to send and receive emails whilst on the go. Personal laptops and tablets can easily slip into a bag, letting us stay updated on the go. One of the things we need to be careful not to miss is the human interaction which goes along with personal conversations with others.

Human Interaction through Voice Chat

There’s nothing like hearing the voice of another person on the phone. Voice phone calls offer an advantage which cannot be touched by other modes of communication. Hearing a voice is true human contact, which many people lack in today’s world because of the technology we rely on. Typing on a computer screen is far less personal than hearing a voice through the other line.

Speech Patterns and Human Emotions

Another important factor about phone calls is being able to discern meaning from someone’s voice. Tone is easier to pick up in a phone conversation. By speaking with a friend or family member, you can more easily note their feelings of excitement, sadness, or worry just by their speech patterns.

Feelings can easily become lost in translation when you are only dealing with words on a screen. If you want to go back to true interaction with another human, a phone call is a much better method.

Go Back to True Talking

The best way to wean yourself off of digital contact and go back to hearing the voices of the people you care about is to commit to making it a habit. Instead of the weekly text, opt for the weekly call at first.

Though it may be odd to actually talk to someone after spending so long relying on text messages, everyone will get used to hearing you phone in from time to time. Being able to speak on the phone with loved ones, even briefly, may actually give you more insight into their lives than you would get from a detailed email.

People tend to give off signals, not just by the things that they say, but by their tone of voices as well. The emotion in their speech is likely to rub off on you and trigger your natural instincts.

In all, voice contact is superior to the other forms of communication available today. Commit to more personal levels of communication and get the human interaction you need.