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IronGatesFX Review

IronGatesFX logoThe attraction of the online trading industry has been surging with every passing day. The industry is being joined by millions of people on a weekly basis, which is increasing the complexity level of the sector. Unfortunately, opportunists have entered the industry to take advantage of the lack of knowledge of the new traders.

They are claiming to be offering online trading services, but their goal is just to lure innocent traders, for their money. The industry is swarming with such firms and you have to stay away from them, which is why, you should read my IronGatesFX review.

If you are willing to read my IronGatesFX review, you will know how you won’t be with a firm that wants nothing but your money. You will know exactly where the broker stands in terms of offering services and maintaining a strong standard. Let’s begin and learn about this firm.

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It has been Operating Professionally

One of the aspects that I found to be extremely attractive in my review, is its dedication to being a professional entity. The firm has been around in the industry offering a professional environment by adhering to the guidelines that are mandatory for the trading firms. This means that you are interacting with an environment that is safe for you and is operating in accordance with the guidelines.

When you join the trading firm, you have to share your personal identification info and provide further proof to verify it. IronGatesFX requires such info to obey the KYC policies.

Another aspect of professionalism by trading is the security of your transactions carrying personal and financial data. The firm ensures the safety of the sensitive data by encoding it, which comes from SSL Security.

It Offers Easy Depositing Options

One of the things that may make you skeptical, whenever you are interacting with any online trading firm is, sharing your financial info. Every trader has the right to be concerned when sending money to an online trading platform. However, being a high-standard trading firm, the Iron Gates FX trading firm takes it upon itself to clear out such concerns.

The teams have introduced some of the most common and secure methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. You can add funds directly using a bank account to deposit/withdraw funds.

You can use a debit card as well as a credit card. If you are used to modern-day methods, you can go for a crypto- or e-wallet. You have to go through a process that would require your personal identification, before the withdrawal request can be processed, usually taking up to 7 working days.

It Offers Experience-Based Accounts

Most of the time, the traders are unhappy with their trading service providers, because they offer them accounts that tend to overwhelm them. For the new traders, the accounts must not be loaded with so many services, tools, and features, because it only confuses them. It seems that most of the trading firms want expert traders to use their services, because that way, they don’t have to make much of an effort.

The Iron Gates FX broker does things differently, as it offers multiple experience-based trading accounts. Each account targets a certain group of traders based on their experience and understanding of the trading tools/services. You can choose the account that matches your trading capabilities. If you are a beginner, then you should go for the basic account, and as your experience grows, you can go for the next advanced account.

It Offers So Many Assets

The IronGatesFX trading firm doesn’t want you to feel confined to a certain trading loop, which is why it offers multiple trading assets. The firm has been operating for a long time, and it is constantly building up a long list of trading assets from several markets.

IronGatesFX trading assets

The major markets it has been targeting, include, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex. In my opinion, I have seen the majority of the new traders going for crypto trading, because it is highly affordable, compared to other traditional trades.

The IronGatesFX broker has also introduced a trading platform that lets you trade with full control. The platform runs on web browsers as well as on iOS and Android operating systems such as smartphones and tablets. It grants you access to the latest market trends and news, you can perform automated and leveraged trades, plus use it for in-depth analysis.

Is IronGatesFX Scam or Legit?

Now that you’ve gone through my IronGatesFX review, I need to ask you if there is any doubt in your mind that this firm is not legitimate. As far as I know about the online trading industry, a firm focusing so much on facilitating you with trading and professional services is legitimate. I hope that you will find this firm to be the same and may explore its services even more.

Ending Thoughts

Lastly, I must clarify that it is easy to be with a trading firm but it is not easy being with a standard trading firm. Now that you know how IronGatesFX broker works, you should know how a standard firm works, and what it requires of you. If you want to be a successful trader, you must be willing to open yourself to a trading firm that can help you achieve that. IronGatesFX is fully capable of helping you with that but you have to be willing to do it.