The Best Selling Items On eBay

Do you want to know the real secrets about how to make a fortune on eBay? Or are you still struggling to understand why is nobody buying your old electric fan?
Well, the amount of things that people are selling on the website can show you how fierce the competition really is.
Thankfully, if you have high-quality items, you should know that the list of best selling items on eBay hasn’t changed in a while. So if you want to have a guaranteed best deals, focus on some of these items that people love to purchase on the platform.
Big-name brand consumer tech
Anything that comes from Samsung, Apple or Sony is a hot selling item on eBay. In fact, a tablet is bought every 14 seconds! And the average selling price for these items is $30.
Trendy fashion items
Women love buying their dresses from eBay. And if you’re selling something that is from Topshop or ASOS, you’re going to score bigtime. The average sale price is $15.
Apparently, time really is money. The most popular brands include Swatch, SEIKO and Casio, and the prices average to $30.
Vintage items
Although there is a new eCommerce competitor when it comes to selling vintage items called Etsy, eBay is still the best place to sell these products. Just add this keyword to your description and the hits are going to skyrocket. The average selling price for all things vintage is $25.
They may be a children’s classic, but have you seen the masterpieces that adults have made over the years? The price for this classic average to $20.
Surprisingly, out of all the furniture items, a dresser is the most searched product. According to an eBay spokesperson, this is because they have a great price and are perfect for giving your home a fresh new look. The average sale price is $110.
Garden furniture
Armchairs, garden chairs and umbrellas are the most popular items in this category and their average selling price is $85.
The most popular brands here are Raleigh, Apollo and Shimano. And the prices are very low, averaging at $15.
One of the most popular items sold on eBay, and a pair is bought every five seconds. The hottest searches are Spot On, New Look and Clarks, and their price averages at $25.
The final item on our list is curtains. However, do note that an item of bed linen is also purchased every 13 seconds, making it another popular purchase. The average sale price is $20.