Argentina’s Boca Juniors Soccer Club Plans To Issue Fan Tokens

“Boca Juniors” (the well-known soccer club of Argentina) arranges to enter the crypto space by issuing its fan tokens. The club is having discussions with various crypto-related companies in this respect. It has been considered by the club that the fan tokens provide an extra revenue boom. is a part of the list, including the firms which have the proposals of tokens, and it is already selling tokens regarding sports teams counting up to 50. Two of the consumers of the firm are Chicago Bulls and FC Barcelona.

The expected projects of the club

A fan token was introduced by Socios, which could probably produce a minimum of $10 million during the partnership. Presently, the contract finalization is dependent upon the decision of Boca Juniors whether they are willing to release the tokens via its platform or the club’s basis. Along with, a stadium based on virtual reality has been proposed for Boca Juniors on behalf of Decentral Games. It has been confirmed by one of the team’s spokespersons that the possibilities regarding cryptocurrencies are being thought out by the club.

Crypto and the sports

Along with the other industries spread around the globe, some prominent moves have been witnessed by the ventures linked with cryptocurrencies under the sports category. Ranging between individual players and teams, the entire industry has provided numerous options regarding the integration of crypto throughout the world. In the sole category of soccer, some major examples of this kind were witnessed in the previous year. The news about Paris-Saint-Germain and Lionel Messi has been revolving around recently in this respect. Messi (the superstar of soccer) launched his NFT collection through the “Ethernity-Chain” near the transfer time. At present, PSG (Paris-Saint-Germain) is witnessing an extraordinary escalation in the value of its fan tokens.

Other than this, there are several well-known soccer clubs, such as Legia Warsaw ($LEG) and Manchester City, that have also proposed their respective fan tokens. Chiliz (a blockchain platform that is specified for sports) is providing services to these above-mentioned clubs to operate their tokens. Apart from tokens, some other associations, including Sorare, are functioning in collaboration with teams to make NFTs of the players thereof. Most recently, La-Liga (a Spanish club) collaborated with a platform that is serving to make its players’ digital cards. Notwithstanding the general spike and enthusiasm across the collectibles of crypto, some fans complain to be marginalized.