How Much Should You Pay for Freelance Services?

If you are going to outsource work for the first time, it is very important to know how much you should pay for your freelancer. First, let’s see why you need to hire freelancers.

Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

There are three prime reasons why you should make use of freelance services.

Saves your time:   Many established internet marketers do not want to sacrifice time for money. They want to focus on growing their business instead of spending hours in article writing or graphic designing. They hire someone else to do the work for them so that they can free up more personal time.


Excellent, professional service: Internet marketing that involves affiliate programs requires potential visitors to their websites. Their web pages should motivate the readers into purchasing the products advertised. For such sales copies, skilled professional approach is very important. Utilizing the services of professional, skilled writer will do wonders.

Flexibility: Hiring freelancer offers a freedom of choice. It provides the flexibility to utilize any freelancer on an as and when required basis. There are no formal contracts. You have the freedom to decide whom you want to use and for which project.

Tips to Decide the Rate of Your Freelancer

In order to decide on how much to pay your freelancer, you should determine whether it is per hour or per project. Here are some tips to guess payment structure.

The first step in deciding how much to pay is finding out what others pay for a similar service. It is obvious that higher the competition tends to be cheaper rates. This can be applicable for common skills. However, this will not guarantee the quality of the service.

When deciding pay scale for a freelancer, skill and experience are the key factors to look for. Everyone wants to get better value for his or her money. Only those freelancers who have great testimonials and proof of work can provide it. You can find a pool of online writers to write informative articles that charge similar rates.

But, if you need an effective sales copy you have to hire professional copywriter who can motivate your visitors in purchasing the product. Obviously, professionals charge higher rates for their expertise. At the end of the day, hiring professional freelancer lends you a hand to achieve your target.

Quality of work is always in demand and people certainly pay more for quality work as the result is certain. If your pay scale is lower compared to industry norms, you have to accept the quality of that work that may be substandard. It is wise paying a little extra to get desired end product especially if you create a long term relationship with the freelancer.

Negotiating rewards is one great idea if the rate of specific freelance service is high. You could offer revenue-sharing deal if you find the services charges is very high.

The aforementioned factors will come handy for you to decide how much to pay your freelancer and help you in identifying fees structure of freelancer in specific industry.