How To Get Affordable Life Insurance While Diagnosed With Hepatitis C

Finding life insurance when you have hepatitis C can be quite a challenge for most people. Usually, inexperienced agents don’t know which companies or what processes to take to properly get a quote for their clients, so then their clients think it’s impossible to get a good policy just to the fact that they have hepatitis C. Well, the truth is, you can still qualify for life insurance. By using experienced agents who contact the right companies, you will have a much better chance at getting an affordable policy. There are tips to help you qualify, which we will be covering over the next few sections.

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2 Main Aspects Of Getting Life Insurance With Hepatitis C

There are two major parts to what insurance companies will look at when making their decision to provide you with life insurance. The first aspect is all about how much damage your liver has taken so far. For obvious reasons, the less damage, the better chance you will have at obtaining the policy you want. The second aspect they are going to look at is whether or not your hepatitis C is in remission or not. You can obtain standard rates if you have provided proof that you are in remission and also have very little to no damage. If you already have taken liver damage, don’t worry because you can still qualify, but the rates are going to be substandard.

Things To Know When Trying To Get Life Insurance

Before you go off and start talking to agents, it’s important that you have all of the information that might help your case. So to help you out, we will cover each thing in a separate paragraph.

The first thing you will need is the date you were diagnosed with hepatitis C. It is important to them to know because they can determine what steps you have taken while you were diagnosed. It also gives the insurance companies a better idea of how well you have adjusted. You will also need to provide what type of hepatitis C you have. Acute viral, chronic active, or chronic persistent.

Next thing you should find out is your liver enzymes. This information will help determine how healthy your liver is and whether or not the enzymes are under control. It is quite easy to get that information from your doctor, so next time you have some time, get it done. The more recent the results are, the better.

A list of all of your medication is going to be required. What types of meds they were, how much you were taking, and how long you have been or were taking them for. This is information that is extremely important, so make sure to have it readily available. This also include self medication, such as alcohol. You will be required to give all of the details regarding your drinking.

You will need all of the details about how you were diagnosed and/ or treated. Liver biopsy, CT scans, MRIs, and anything else should be included. You will also need to provide the findings of these tests so that the agent is fully aware of exactly what is happening. One thing you should try to provide proof for is how many times do you go and see your physician. The more you stay on top of your hepatitis C, the better chance you will have with the insurance companies.

The last thing is of course, any other health issues you might have. Basically, the more details you can provide regarding your hepatitis C and any other health related issues, the better. This may not be necessary if you can get no exam life insurance.

Where Should You Go To Find The Best Rates?

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