Paid to Click (PTC) – Genuine or Scam

Paid to click sites is one of the Legitimate Ways to Make Free Money Online on the Internet!

Although these PTC sites are not a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, one can make some part time earning through it. Each one of us would like to Earn Money while Just Surfing. Why not it’s interesting too!pay-per-click

But one should take a step carefully, because internet is full of such scam PTC sites. These sites are daily making huge amounts without giving any money to their members. I am not saying all are scams. But most of them are. NeoBux is the exception from very long time which is paying their members genuinely and comes at no.1 in the list of Genuine PTCs.

Today Money Hunger is all around us. And in the similar run people are using people to make money for themselves. They are spreading scams where there is talk of money making. And internet is full up of such scams. More and more people, daily are captured in these scams and also wasted their precious time and money.

‘Paid to Clicks’ or PTCs are some of the similar scams, which are the Biggest Scams of the century over the Net. Thousands of ‘hungry’ people are flocking to these sites to sign up, thinking that they will be millionaire over night. Because these sites invite these people by the attractive written reviews and offers. They think that can make lots of money by just clicking.

There are of course plenty of the PTC sites seen which pays their members genuinely (best are Clixsense and Neobux) but but there are also many scams that quickly set up shop with the sole intention of collecting money from inexperienced and unsuspecting advertisers with absolutely no intention of ever paying its members.

People often think they, in the comfort of their home and sipping a tea, can make attractive $$ money by just clicking their mouse. For these people and others who are still unaware of these scams, I am going to explain about these sites and how they truly “Never Pays” their clickers.


As the competition in every fields of earning money, is increasing, there are new ways of money making established. Today One Of the Best money making for the youngsters, mothers, retired, House wives, etc. is Online Ways of Money Making and that too without investment. Everybody out here is seen, who are in constant hunt of easier and simple ways in which they can make cash online.

There are programs like making cash by reading positives news. The advertisers pay their visitors for visiting their sites. These methods in my opinion is best money making techniques for the students who want to just earn some of the part time earnings for their pocket.

Thus Build money by clicking on ads is a terribly well-liked money creating program. But the biggest drawback is that, these are not long lasting and cannot make you much money unless heavily invested.